Much has been said about it. Many predictions have been made. But we are still in troubled waters. The future is tough as if we all walk against a brick wall. World leaders seem to have egocentric plans: that what suits them best. Newspapers don’t have a positive outlook. Bad news is what sells best. We are a society that is driven by sensations: drugs, sex, violence, winning money, sports achievements, news incentives, eating lots of good food, snacking, excessive drinking …
But … not everyone is longing for yet another sensation.
Not everyone has voted, for example, for Trump. Nothing but a political sensation.
Not everyone uses drugs or is addicted to alcohol and smoking. Not everyone hopes by gambling to control his or her life. Not everyone choses to eat meat or fish, just because it’s so tasty.
Not everyone believes in human trafficking. Not everyone invests in the sex industry. Maybe things will look better within ten years. Because those who have their heart on the right place and act upon it have been the light with each other.


Love isn’t a possession. Any attempt to control her is doomed to fail. Love appears as itself in us, as our – true – self. We are love when we penetrate ourselves. But we can never claim her. You can’t claim beauty, if you do she becomes ugly.


There’s a so-called spiritual Magazine which calls itself ‘Inzicht’.
But is this possible to gain insight through books and magazines? Or is it about people who describe their insights?
But what is really happening with the reader, when he reads such descriptions? More second-hand knowledge? That is what is seems like, in my opinion.
Just stuffing your head with experiences of others and then forget that these are not your own experiences. This is what you see within the church, with their Bible but it’s what you’ll find as well in other ‘seekers’ circles.
People are so full of knowledge, that they get utterly spiritually horny.
Insight is not easily to obtain. Second-hand knowledge, on the contrary, everywhere.

The pair of glasses we’ re seeking and it’s already on our nose, is a dogged habit. Insight apparently has to break through completely, not partly. Even though insight is already the case. It is not a new fact. Those glasses are already on your nose.

A world teacher … And a world at war 

Is the coming of a world teacher something we can believe in? Someone who will bring peace for the whole world.
Quite a lot of teachers, in my opinion, have claimed this: Sathya Sai Baba, Da Free John, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Bhagwan. And every now and then new names pop up. This teacher, also known as the Maitreya, will he come or appear or will his coming take place through different people?
Maitreya also referred to as the so called Christ conciousness, godly love which will descent on different people who, in their turn, will inspire people for world peace.
For thousands of years, millions of people all over the globe expect such a messianic figure. Like the Jews. Two thousand years ago when a man, Yeshua of Nazareth, stood up he was only acknowledged as the Messiah by a handful of Jews. After his death, stories about his appearance to people didn’t cease. The testimony of Paul is probably the best known. As a light he appeared to him but this has never stopped. Until today you hear about such experiences, even from people who haven’t got anything to do with the faith in Yeshua/Jesus. Even Muslims have such experiences. And the message is always the same: love and healing.
Buddhists talk about Maitreya, Jews about the Messiah, Hindus about the Kalki avatar, Christians about Christ, Muslims about Jesus as the Messiah (but they explicitly do not acknowledge him as the son of God or as God).
Faith in a Wise Man who has impact on the whole world and who seems to be on his way … but this can be wishful thinking as well, isn’t?
When love turns out to be the message of all the great teachers, then love is our remedy. But, if I am not mistaken, most people prefer to hold on to violence and hate.
The chosen are fully aware of the fact that there is no other way then love and forgiveness. But which politician is really interested in this if votes for his party is the only thing what matters?
Even within the various religions it all boils down to how many souls or members are part of their religious club.
The question we obviously must ask ourselves again: What is love?
Some think it’s all about accepting. But in this way, there will not be dealt with evil in this world and it can continue under the assumption that everything is OK? Isn’t?
Not everything is OK, you can easily get involved in politics and politics have proven for thousands of years to unleash and sustain wars.
In my opinion the conclusions everything is OK or everything is not OK will not take us any further.
Love isn’t about conclusions but about being aware, here and now.
When people in the days of Jesus wanted to stone an adulteress, according the law, they asked Jesus if he agreed with that.
It was a trick question because according the law, they were allowed to kill her. The woman was guilty. If he would say no, they could tackle him, claiming he broke the law. But Jesus answered unexpectedly: Let him who has no sin, throw the first stone at her!
They didn’t expect such an answer. Now they were powerless, they couldn’t do anything against him.
Love isn’t about conclusions, love keeps you sharp, here and now, open for what is. And within that, change for ourselves and the world lies within reach. Not through the many laws and violence which assuredly goes hand in hand with it. Jesus wasn’t against the law but according to him the law is made for man, man is not made for the law. And I think this is still the case.