I have studied various spiritual movements among which: Hara Krishna, Scientology, spiritism, Buddhism, Christianity, Theosofy, Jehovah’s Witnesses Judaism, Bhagwan, Krishnamurti, Sufism, A Course in Miracles, Advaita, NLP, Mindfulness …
I have visited their meetings, read their books, did their courses.
I also wrote articles for various magazines like Religie & Mystiek, Spiegelbeeld, Daklozenkrant …
In 2006 I wrote the book De stank van zen.

At this moment my book, De mens van inzicht is in the spotlights. I refer to my video interview with Patrick Kicken.
Today I am focused on organising meetings about non-duality. People also meet me on individual basis to talk about enlightenment/self-knowledge or to talk about their problems like addictions.
The use of various methods and techniques are not the focus, but the encounter itself and the insight of that very moment.